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Saving Water Made Easy with New ShowerHead Timer

You can end the shower time madness with this new showerhead timer called the Shower Manager. What sets it apart from other showerhead timer devices are two controls that work together: 1) the time of the shower is locked in by the head-of-household, and 2) the flow is cut once that time expires. What's more, this new showerhead timer device is fully automated and installs in minutes.

The end result is saving water, saving energy, and ending the morning shower time madness.

New ShowerHead Timer is Fully Automated Allowing You to Save Water and Energy

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District providers say that runaway showering is one of the biggest wasters in the home and that significant savings can be realized with efforts to curb runaway showering. Many households, especially those with teenagers, experience showering times of 20 to 30 minutes and even longer. Efforts to save water were mostly voluntary with the use of hour glass timers or digital timers providing a time limit. But when the time expired, turning off the showerhead was left up to the bather, which doesn't always work out well and all too frequently ends up with showering run-on and cold showers. Efforts to conserve and save end up going down the drain!

Another device used is the low-flow showerhead. While a low flow showerhead does cut the flow, the reduced flow of the showerhead is not especially well received especially by women trying to wash a full head of hair.

Today, water wasting while showering still provides homeowners with a potential saving bonanza in dollars, not to mention the elimination of bickering over showering times.

Save Water with the New ShowerHead Timer - the Shower Manager

Today, you can save water and energy by using this new showerhead timer. The Shower Manager showerhead allows a full flow of water just like you have always enjoyed, but when the preset and locked in showerhead time has expired, the flow is cut by 2/3, leaving not much more than a trickle to finish rinsing. When the showerhead is turned off, a 5-minute rest interval prevents the bather from extending the showering time. During this reset interval, only a restricted flow of showerhead water is permitted.

This showerhead device is also user friendly with three full-flow settings: 5, 8 or 11 minutes and can be changed easily using a special magnetic key. This new showerhead timer fits to your existing showerhead and installs in minutes.

We have had the Shower Manager since March '09. We are thrilled beyond words: no more pounding on the bathroom door; no more bickering; no more cold showers; and no more out of sight water and energy bills. What more can I say, the Shower Manager has made our mornings enjoyable again. Rita, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

A Showerhead with a Memory - Use the Saving Water Calculator

Follow the water saving calculator link and see how much you can save. The results may surprise you and the savings may well pay for the cost of the Shower Manager unit in less than 12 months. With some large families, the savings can pay for the unit in less than 6 months, especially in areas with high energy rates or districts with water surcharges. There are not many (if any) conservation devices that can provide such a short payback period!

We got an ultra low-flow showerhead to save water and energy, but it just didn't delivery enough water! We replaced it with your Shower Manger. We can now enjoy a regular shower for a reasonable time, and then let your showerhead device take care of the needed conservation. Nifty idea, works great! Rachel, Santa Barbara, CA

Save Water, Save Energy and Restore Peace and Harmony to your Household.

If you experience showering time madness and want to make it a thing of the past, take a water saving step. It might be one of the most important steps you take in balancing your family life and your family budget. Just think, in a few short days you can install a Shower Manager to your showerhead and put all the shower time madness in your rear view mirror. And you can feel good about your contribution to conservation and going green in your bathroom.

Long showers were a huge problem at our home. We were reluctant to spend any extra money as I have been off work for 6 months. Out of frustration we got the timer shower (Shower Manager). We are real happy with the results, no more long showers around here. Tyler, Boston, MA

Shower Manager Timed ShowerHead is an Exclusive Creation of the Manufacturer

It is available only from the manufacturer's web store. You will not find it offered at retails outlets. Buy the showerhead timer direct and save and start realizing your quest for saving water and ending the showering time madness at your home.

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Buy the Water Saving ShowerHead Manager with Confidence.

The Shower Manager comes with a 90-Day Full Satisfaction Warranty. We are confident that the Shower Manager showerhead will eliminate your showering time issues and will pay you the initial cost (including shipping) of the purchase if the unit is returned in 90 days of purchase. If showerhead does not perform to your expectations, regardless of the reason, just return the product within the time frame mentioned above for a Full Refund.

Start Saving Water the Easy Way!

We were at wits end trying to keep showering times to ten minutes. We were lucky if the boys got out in 20-25 minutes, sometimes 2 and 3 times a day. Sean saw the Shower Manager advertised and we got it. Wow, what a difference! The boys complained the first few showers, but now they accept that they have 11 minutes for a shower. Michelle, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our showerhead timer provides you with these Green advantages:

  1. Limits the water flow to meet government guidelines
  2. Places a time limit on the showering usage
  3. Cuts with water flow when time has expired
  4. Override controls to prevent showerhead abuses
If that isn't enough, just imagine the peace and harmony that can return to your daily living!

Don't put it off any longer, order your Shower Manager today and add some real positive benefits to your Greening of your bathroom!

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